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Celatica Ankle Support Sleeve

  • $26.50

Celatica Ankle Supports are made with Celliant® Fiber Technology, the most clinically tested infrared textile in the industry. Celliant technology is a blend of proprietary ingredients that recycles the vibrant energy (heat) leaving the body into infrared light (IR) and sends it back to the body where it is absorbed by the tissue and muscles. IR waves are beneficial as they penetrate deep into the tissue. This energy causes the body to increase circulation and oxygen wherever it is applied.

Celatica ankle support sleeves provide the traditional support you find in knee supports while providing the full range of benefits found with Celliant®:
    • Boosts the flow of blood to tissue throughout the body, delivering vital nutrients while INCREASING oxygen levels
    • Stimulates cell performance and regeneration, while the increased circulation nourishes the cells with higher levels of oxygen-further promoting cell health
    • Helps regulate body temperature by optimizing blood flow
    • Proven to enhance rest from sleep
    • Reported greater energy and heightened sense of well-being
    • Celliant won't wash out or wear out like other coated texties
    • Naturally wicks away moisture

Color: Dark blue/black

Size: S/M, M/L, L/XL             S/M        M/L         L/XL  
Top Band Circumference       8 1/2"     9"           9 1/4"
Bottom Band Circumference  8"           8 1/2"     9"        

Care: Machine wash in cool water, air dry. Do not use chlorine.

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