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About us

Celatica, LLC was founded with the intent to build a  "Active Lifestyle Ecosystem" that anyone could be part of. We love being entrepreneurs, have a passion for helping others and giving back to those in need.

In our search for something new, we came across the Celliant Fiber Technology, a specially formulated material that is knit, woven or added to fabrics to enhance oxygen levels in the body. Increased oxygen levels have been clinically proven to relieve pain, promote quicker healing, improve sleep quality, heighten athletic performance and improve overall wellness. Celliant is the most established and clinically tested infrared textile in the industry.  You will find the Celliant Fiber in all of Celatica's products

We continued to build our Eco-System by Partnering with several US start-ups and established companies to bring to our Customers products that are unique, contribute to a healthy lifestyle and we think are just fun.

In 2015, Celatica was selected by the National Council of Youth Sport ( to be one of only 14 Preferred Partners.  And, the very first to promote NCYS on each of our Celatica products.  Look for our sponsorship label on every Celatica package. As one of our "Give Backs" Celatica donates a % of each sale to the National Council of Youth Sport.