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Reflexa Socks


These specialty diabetic socks, travel socks, antistatic socks, and active socks were designed with the highest quality at Hurwitz Intersocks Corp in Italy alongside Dr. Mark Warren, a specialist in the field of foot health.The combined expertise of Dé Luis Hurwits and Dr. Warren provide you with the best sock experience available.

Reflexa® Socks are designed with one purpose in mind: To help keep your feet healthy and enable you to lead a better quality life.The key to our product is a revolutionary synthetic yarn known as Celliant™. Celliant™ is a patented yarn used in a number of different fabrics which provides numerous medical benefits.

The major effects of Celliant™ are to increase oxygen levels in your body, give you an overall feeling of wellness, and regulate your body temperature. The use of Celliant™ in our compression socks also makes them much easier to get on and off than compression socks using other materials. Below are data from clinical trials designed to test the effect of Celliant™ on your body.